2.0 Trailer- A lot of action, the look of Akshay, which is heavily on Rajni

The trailer of Akshay Kumar and Ranjini Kant Starr film 2.0 will be released shortly. Its budget is being reported more than Rs 500 crores.                                   

Akshay Kumar and Ranjini Kant Starrer film 2.0 trailer have been released. It has been released in Hindi and Tamil languages. These films have long been in discussion due to their big budget and VFX. Akshay Kumar will be seen as a villain. Rajinikanth is also in a very important role.

The film, made in a budget of 500 crores, seems to be full of action. But the action is slightly different. The fight in the film has been shown in a very modern way. Its actions are very dangerous. Akshay’s look is dangerous and his apprehensions in the film are scary.

2.0 trailer to be launched in a while, Akshay-Rajni arrives at the event

Akshay has managed to create panic in his film with his getup. At the beginning of the trailer, where the vivid form of Akshaya has been shown, Rajinikanth cool style in the later scenes. Rajni has dealt with Akshay’s fear in a very cool way. They are in the robot’s gateway. In the trailer, the dialogue less action is shown more, which indicates that Jubani Jung will get more and less action in the film.

Earlier, the makers released a poster of the film, which saw cell phones in a bird’s claws. This cell phone has been written on the screen – trailer launch on November 3. Teaser video of film 2.0 has been released.

There is the talk of Akshay Kumar’s look in the film from the beginning. Akshay Kumar will be seen in the role of villain in the film. Probably this will be the first time that Akshay will be seen playing such a terrible role. During the trailer, Akshay also spoke a dialogue which shows the character of his character in the film. Akshay said – Every person holding a cell phone is a killer. Rajinikanth’s role is also quite powerful, which he has played in a very cool manner. At the end of the trailer, they speak a dialogue which is enough to win the hearts of their fans. “I will set your screen with bullets,” says Rajni with bullets.

500 crores budget

The film, which is being made from a budget of about 500 crores, will be equipped with VFX. This is India’s most advanced film in many cases. Apart from this, it will be India’s most expensive movie so far.

Let me tell that the 2.0 Rajinikanth film is the sequel to Catherine. In the last film, Rajinikanth also played the role of a robot. However this time they will be given a lot of Modern and Advance Look.

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